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2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Support Services

Transfer Agreements

The General Studies degree is used for students seeking to transfer to a variety of other four-year degrees. Additionally, the Associate of Arts Louisiana Transfer, Associate of Science Louisiana Transfer are designed for students seeking to transfer in specific areas to Louisiana public four-year colleges and universities. SLCC also participates in the statewide transfer program administered by the Board of Regents which provides transfer matrices for general education courses, business courses, and natural science courses. This matrix lists the equivalent courses offered by all public higher education institutions in the State. Students have access to the matrix through on-line resources at http://www.regents.la.gov

SLCC is continually working to establish clear pathways for students through articulation and 2 plus 2 transfer agreements. Currently SLCC has specific pathway transfer agreements with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Northwestern State University.

Cross Enrollment

South Louisiana Community College has entered into cross enrollment agreements with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. This agreement allows students to enroll in courses for non- SLCC students that are not available at their home institution. For additional information, SLCC students should contact the Registrar’s Office and non-SLCC students should contact the Admissions/Registrar’s Office at their institution.

Tutoring and Learning Support Services

Tutoring and Learning Support services provides academic, learning, and study skills support to address the various academic and learning needs of our diverse student population. The services are designed to help students become successful learners and achieve their educational goals. The services include individual tutoring, e-tutoring, learning support workshops, academic coaching, study skills development, and accommodation support for students with disabilities. In-person tutoring sessions are only available on the Lafayette Campus. Appointments via SKYPE are available for all other campuses. Contact us at (337) 521-8961 or email tutor@solacc.edu for further information on tutoring or (337) 521-6915 or ada@solacc.edu for more information on accommodation support.

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center provides a diverse array of student support services, programs, and activities to help students achieve their educational, academic, and career goals. The services and programs include Student Success Live, Early Alert, Student Success Series, The Center for Minority Excellence, Disability Services, Learning and Tutoring Services, Testing Services, and Career, Transfer and Advising Services. For more information about these programs and services, contact us at (337) 521-6983 or studentsuccess@solacc.edu.

South Louisiana Community College is in compliance with the regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Disability Services provides reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities to ensure academic success. For more information on Disability Services access the link on the SLCC website or email ada@solacc.edu for more information. 



The South Louisiana Community College Library is a vital part of the educational program of the institution. The library maintains a staffed library at Lafayette and New Iberia. Resource rooms are located at the other instructional sites. Through these facilities students are able to access books, online journals and other online learning resources. Seating space for individual and group study is provided throughout the libraries and resource rooms. Computer lab space is also available.

SLCC is a member of the Louisiana Library Network Consortium (LOUIS); a consortium of all Louisiana post-secondary academic libraries. The support staff of LOUIS, located in Baton Rouge, provides central support services to all LOUIS members. These services include: provision of library automation services, licensing of full-text electronic resources and training and consulting to member libraries.

Through use of the LOUIS library card, SLCC patrons are entitled to check out library materials from any Louisiana college or university library.

Library materials are available to students and faculty at all SLCC campuses and sites through interlibrary loan. Interlibrary loan with other Louisiana libraries is available through a statewide courier system. Accessibility to library materials world-wide is available through the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), a worldwide library cooperative.

Distance education students have access to all of the LOUIS electronic resources in addition to other electronic resources licensed individually by SLCC. Visit http://solacc.edu/library for more information.

Learning Foundations Courses

The Learning Foundation courses include courses and support services designed to prepare students for college-level studies. These foundational studies include courses and individualized instruction in writing, quantitative, critical thinking, academic, and personal skills.

Students who score below the minimum required ACT scores, the ACT Compass or ACCUPLACER scores are offered semester-length learning foundation courses in English and Mathematics. Based upon placement test results, a degree-seeking student must take one or more of these developmental courses, during the first semester enrolled, if taking more than four (4) semester hours. If a student is required to take two developmental courses, that student, if degree-seeking and enrolled full time, must enroll in those developmental courses during the first semester enrolled. A student who is placed in more than one developmental course may not enroll in more than fifteen (15) total semester hours. Learning Foundation courses will not satisfy any requirement for degree programs.

Seminar in First-Year Experience

The SFSE 1003 course is designed for new students to attain skills that will help them succeed in the classroom and as they move forward in their professional endeavors. For students seeking an Associates (non-Applied, non-Technical) degree or intending to transfer to a baccalaureate program, it is highly recommended that any student with less than 24 credit hours should take SFSE 1003, especially those students also enrolled in Learning Foundations courses. The SFSE credit will satisfy similar freshmen seminar requirements in transfer for institutions that require the course, and students should check with intended their intended four-year transfer institution on how this course is accepted.


SLCC bookstore services are provided by a contracted vendor, Follett Higher Education Group. The bookstore is located on the first floor in the Ardoin Building on the Lafayette campus and the first floor on the New Iberia campus. Its hours are posted outside the bookstore and are available on the website. It provides extended hours for Back to School and Final Exams. The bookstore can be contacted by Phone: 337-521-8930, Fax: (337) 235-9280 or Email: slcclafayette@bkstr.com or at our website: http://www.bkstr.com/southlouisianaccstore/home