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2020-2021 College Catalog 
2020-2021 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education Curriculum

General Education Block

At South Louisiana Community College “general education” requirements represent a conviction on the part of the faculty that all students need to reason logically, solve problems, communicate effectively, and relate to the world around them. General education courses not only enhance awareness of the world and the people in it but also foster an appreciation of the arts and humanities, encourage insight into the social and behavioral sciences, and provide a basic understanding of mathematical and scientific principles. The realistic expectations of a general education program are to empower the student with a reliable set of skills and understanding that move a lifelong learner forward in academia or the workforce.

General Education Outcomes

  • Critical Thinking - Students will integrate knowledge using critical thinking and experience to produce and explore discipline content across a variety of genres.  
  • Quantitative Reasoning - Students will use quantitative reasoning to interpret data, and gather statistical information in solving discipline-specific problems.
  • Communication and Expression - Students will communicate clearly to persuade or inform, interpret thoughtfully and logically, and engage actively in dialogue and discussion.  Communication and expression may be written or oral, verbal or nonverbal, informational or artistic, print or digital, academic or professional.
  • Interpretation - Students will apply critical interpretation and thinking to the subject matter of any discipline, with the ability to identify and understand both theory and practice of that discipline’s content. 
  • Global Awareness - Students will recognize and discuss the complexity of a global environment including its history, scientific processes, global systems, civics, and artistic variety.

General Education Requirements

South Louisiana Community College courses that may be used to fulfill each requirement in the GenEd block are listed below. Students should consult with their advisor and/or transfer advisor.

SLCC General Education Courses

Natural Sciences


Social/Behavioral Sciences

Fine Arts

SLCC Authorized Degrees, Technical Diplomas, Certificates, Technical Competency Areas

SLCC is also authorized by the Louisiana Board of Regents, LCTCS Board of Supervisors and its college accrediting agency the Southern association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) to offer a range of Associate Degrees, Associate of Applied Science, Technical Diplomas, Certificates and Technical Competency Areas in the areas that follow. The next sections will list the responsible College division and describe each program. Individual course descriptions in the Course Descriptions  section.