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2016-2017 College Catalog 
2016-2017 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Drafting and Design Technology, TD

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Program Mission

The mission of the Drafting and Design Technology program is to provide students with technical education and knowledge, training and skills, along with communication skills needed for employment in various professional drafting fields with career advancement opportunities.

Program Goals

  • Students acquire and understand the technical education and knowledge needed to transform ideas to paper using basic manual and computer-aided design principles and concepts.
  • Students use the training and skills for analyzing and interpreting project information and data to produce precise, accurate drawings.
  • Students acquire, understand and apply written and graphic communication skills used in technical drawings.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Drafting and Design Technology program will be able to do the following:

  • Demonstrate the ability to evaluate basic data and information needed in the preparation of manual and computer-aided drawings.
  • Demonstrate technical proficiency with 70 percent accuracy in all training and skills necessary in manual, two-dimensional and three-dimensional computer-aided design to produce technical drawings in a variety of related professional drafting fields.
  • Demonstrate the appropriate attitudes, behaviors and communication skills as expected in a professional environment through active participation in class activities and projects.

Specific Degree Requirements

Students wishing to earn an associate of science degree in Drafting & Design Technology must:

  • Earn a “C” or better in ENGL 1010 , MATH 1105 , the educational core, and all courses in the major area (coded DRFT, TECM, ORNT, JOBS) .

General Education Requirements

(16 Total credit hours)

  • English 3 Credits
  • Mathematics 3 Credits
  • Natural Science/Lab 4 Credits
  • Social/Behavioral Science 3 Credits
  • Speech Elective 3 Credits

Specific Curriculum

(42 Total credit hours)

  • All DRFT codes and associated core courses

Other Requirements

(2 credits)

Curriculum Guide

Technical Diploma Total Credits: 45

1 Social/Behavioral Science options: ECON, GEOG, POLI, PSYC, SOCI

2 Humanities options: CMCN, ENGL Literature, FREN, HIST, SPAN, SPCH

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