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2018-2019 College Catalog 
2018-2019 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions

SLCC Prefix Key

Following is an alphabetical list of descriptions of courses offered by South Louisiana Community College. Each course is listed alphabetically, by a four-letter prefix and course number, followed by four numbers (x-x-x-x). These four numbers in parentheses indicate lecture hours per week, lab hours per week, equivalent internship/clinical/work experience per week and total credit hours, for a 15 week semester as shown below. If the semester length is reduced the number of hours will be proportionately increased (i.e. In a 12 week semester these hours are increased by a third, in an 8 week semester they will double and in a 4 week semester they will quadrupled). When enrolling, be careful of mixing semester lengths as the hour requirements for courses may overlap each other and not allow you to complete any course. Remember you are required to complete all the instructional activities and meet course class attendance requirements. Work with your advisor if you required enrolling in differing semester lengths to ensure there are no time clashes.

Course Prefix Course Number Course Title Hrs. of Lecture per wk. Hrs. of Lab per wk. Equivalent Hrs. of Internship/ Clinical/Work Experience per wk. * Credit hours
ENGL 1010 Rhet & Comp 3 0 0 3

* The hours that are required for Internship/ Clinical/ Work Experience have been expressed as if they occur each week in a typical 15 week semester. This may not be case and this experience may be full-time over several weeks of the semester. Please work with an Advisor to understand the commitment required to complete such activities and how they will influence your scheduling of other classes.

Classification of Courses; D, UN, UT

  • Those courses labeled with a “D” and numbered 0-0999 are developmental, and credits earned may not be used to satisfy degree requirements.
  • Courses numbered 1000-1999 are freshman-level courses designed primarily for students of this classification.
  • Courses numbered 2000-2999 are sophomore-level courses designed primarily for students of this classification
  • Courses labeled with “UN” are undergraduate courses that are nontransferable credits
  • Courses labeled “UT” are undergraduate transferable credits.

Pre-requisites, Concurrency, Co-requisites

Some courses have pre-requisites, concurrency, or co-requisites listed.

A Prerequisite is an academic requirement that must be satisfied prior to enrolling in a course. A student requesting a course must have completed all pre-requisites listed for that course or must otherwise demonstrate to the instructor and appropriate Divisional Dean that s/he has had the equivalent preparation.

The statement of Concurrency in the course description describes a student’s ability to take a course and its pre-requisites(s) in the same term. A statement of “none” means there is no ability to take the courses pre-requisites at the same time as the required course. In this case you must have must have completed the required pre-requisites in an earlier semester. If course codes appear are listed after the Concurrency requirement it indicates that these pre-requisites can be taken at the same time as the course.

A Co-requisite is an academic requirement that a course must be taken together with another course(s) in the same semester. This requires that a student must enroll in theses co-requisite courses in addition to the required course. Failure to do so will not allow you to enroll. A student who believes they have satisfied the pre requisite requirements must demonstrate this to the appropriate Divisional Dean that s/he has either had the prior or equivalent preparation or is currently satisfying the requirement. Descriptions of courses should be read in order to determine if there are required pre-requisites or co-requisites that must be satisfied.

Course Description and Louisiana Board of Regents Common Course Matrix equivalency
A short description of the course content will be made in the paragraphs below the course title. If the course has equivalency in the common course matrix of the Louisiana Board of Regents, the equivalent code will be stated along with the short course description.

   •  MATH 1110 Trigonometry
   •  MATH 2007 Measurement and Geometry for Elementary Teachers
   •  MATH 2010 Applied Calculus
   •  MATH 2020 Introductory Statistics
   •  MATH 2040 Finite Mathematics
   •  MATH 2100 Technical Mathematics
   •  MATH 2210 Calculus I
   •  MATH 2211 Calculus II
   •  MCIS 1005 Microcomputer Applications
   •  MCIS 1010 Word Processing
   •  MCIS 1030 Spreadsheets
   •  MTTC 1115 Introduction to Machine Tools
   •  MTTC 1204 Bench Work and Precision Grinding
   •  MTTC 1305 Drill Press
   •  MTTC 2105 Basic Lathe I
   •  MTTC 2203 Computer Numerical Control (CNC) I
   •  MTTC 2204 Basic Lathe II
   •  MTTC 2304 Advanced Lathe
   •  MTTC 2404 Basic Mill
   •  MTTC 2504 Advanced Mill
   •  MTTC 2604 Computer Numerical Control (CNC) II
   •  MUSC 1010 Music Appreciation
   •  MUSC 1012 Fundamentals of Music
   •  MUSC 1020 History of Rock
   •  MUSC 2101 Fundamentals of Pro Tools
   •  MUSC 2201 Intermediate Pro Tools
   •  MUSC 2300 History of Jazz
   •  MUSC 2310 Acadian Music and Culture
   •  NDTT 1100 Liquid Penetrant Testing
   •  NDTT 1120 Magnetic Particle Testing
   •  NDTT 1160 Visual Testing
   •  NDTT 1180 NDT Technical Report Writing
   •  NDTT 1200 NDT Blueprint Reading & Sketching
   •  NDTT 1240 Ultrasonic Testing I
   •  NDTT 1260 Ultrasonic Testing II
   •  NDTT 1300 Radiation Safety
   •  NDTT 1320 Radiography Testing I
   •  NDTT 1360 Radiography Testing II
   •  NDTT 1440 Manufacturing Processes
   •  NDTT 1460 Working in the NDT Industry
   •  NDTT 2001 Nondestructive Testing Capstone
   •  NURS 1100 Fundamentals of Nursing
   •  NURS 2100 Adult Health Nursing I
   •  NURS 2120 Mental Health Nursing
   •  NURS 2200 Adult Health Nursing II
   •  NURS 2220 Maternal Child Nursing
   •  NURS 2300 Adult Health Nursing III
   •  OGPT 1020 Gas Regulations
   •  OGPT 1030 Occupational Health and Safety
   •  OGPT 1100 Introduction to Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
   •  OGPT 1110 Drilling Process
   •  OGPT 1120 Offshore Drilling Process
   •  OGPT 1130 Well Completions and Workovers
   •  OGPT 1300 Industrial Electricity
   •  OGPT 1400 Oil and Gas Instrumentation
   •  OGPT 1500 Hydraulics and Pneumatics
   •  OGPT 2020 Well Control and Blow Out Prevention
   •  OGPT 2030 Natural Gas Processing
   •  OGPT 2040 Oil and Gas Pump Technology
   •  OGPT 2050 Pumps and Compressors
   •  OGPT 2060 Drilling Fluids
   •  OGPT 2100 Basic Production Operation
   •  OGPT 2110 Petroleum Processing
   •  OGPT 2200 Production and Safety Systems
   •  OGPT 2300 Internship–Oil and Gas Production
   •  PHSC 1000 Physical Science I
   •  PHSC 1200 Physical Science II
   •  PHYS 1060 Introduction to Astronomy I
   •  PHYS 2070 Introduction to Physics I
   •  PHYS 2071 Introduction to Physics I Laboratory
   •  PHYS 2080 Introduction to Physics II
   •  PHYS 2081 Introduction to Physics II Laboratory II
   •  POLI 1020 Introduction to Foreign Governments
   •  POLI 1100 American National Government
   •  PSYC 2010 Introduction to Psychology I
   •  PSYC 2011 Introduction to Psychology II
   •  PSYC 2020 Educational Psychology
   •  PSYC 2030 Child Psychology
   •  PSYC 2040 Adolescent Psychology
   •  PSYC 2050 Psychology of Adjustment
   •  PSYC 2060 Guiding and Managing Child Behavior
   •  PSYC 2070 Social Psychology
   •  PSYC 2080 Developmental Psychology
   •  PSYC 2090 Death and Dying.
   •  SAFE 1003 General Craft Safety
   •  SFSE 1003 Seminar in First-Year Student Experience
   •  SOCI 2010 Introductory Sociology
   •  SOCI 2020 Contemporary Social Problems
   •  SOCI 2040 Sex and Gender Roles
   •  SOCI 2050 Marriage and Family
   •  SOCI 2073 Sociology of Leadership
   •  SPAN 1010 Elementary Spanish
   •  SPAN 1020 Elementary Spanish II
   •  SPAN 2010 Intermediate Spanish
   •  SPCH 1200 Public Speaking
   •  SPCH 2030 Group Problem Solving
   •  TECM 1110 Technical Math I
   •  THEA 1010 Introduction to Theatre and Performing Arts
   •  THEA 2010 Introduction to Acting
   •  THEA 2070 Introduction to Film Performance

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