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2018-2019 College Catalog 
2018-2019 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions

SLCC Prefix Key

Following is an alphabetical list of descriptions of courses offered by South Louisiana Community College. Each course is listed alphabetically, by a four-letter prefix and course number, followed by four numbers (x-x-x-x). These four numbers in parentheses indicate lecture hours per week, lab hours per week, equivalent internship/clinical/work experience per week and total credit hours, for a 15 week semester as shown below. If the semester length is reduced the number of hours will be proportionately increased (i.e. In a 12 week semester these hours are increased by a third, in an 8 week semester they will double and in a 4 week semester they will quadrupled). When enrolling, be careful of mixing semester lengths as the hour requirements for courses may overlap each other and not allow you to complete any course. Remember you are required to complete all the instructional activities and meet course class attendance requirements. Work with your advisor if you required enrolling in differing semester lengths to ensure there are no time clashes.

Course Prefix Course Number Course Title Hrs. of Lecture per wk. Hrs. of Lab per wk. Equivalent Hrs. of Internship/ Clinical/Work Experience per wk. * Credit hours
ENGL 1010 Rhet & Comp 3 0 0 3

* The hours that are required for Internship/ Clinical/ Work Experience have been expressed as if they occur each week in a typical 15 week semester. This may not be case and this experience may be full-time over several weeks of the semester. Please work with an Advisor to understand the commitment required to complete such activities and how they will influence your scheduling of other classes.

Classification of Courses; D, UN, UT

  • Those courses labeled with a “D” and numbered 0-0999 are developmental, and credits earned may not be used to satisfy degree requirements.
  • Courses numbered 1000-1999 are freshman-level courses designed primarily for students of this classification.
  • Courses numbered 2000-2999 are sophomore-level courses designed primarily for students of this classification
  • Courses labeled with “UN” are undergraduate courses that are nontransferable credits
  • Courses labeled “UT” are undergraduate transferable credits.

Pre-requisites, Concurrency, Co-requisites

Some courses have pre-requisites, concurrency, or co-requisites listed.

A Prerequisite is an academic requirement that must be satisfied prior to enrolling in a course. A student requesting a course must have completed all pre-requisites listed for that course or must otherwise demonstrate to the instructor and appropriate Divisional Dean that s/he has had the equivalent preparation.

The statement of Concurrency in the course description describes a student’s ability to take a course and its pre-requisites(s) in the same term. A statement of “none” means there is no ability to take the courses pre-requisites at the same time as the required course. In this case you must have must have completed the required pre-requisites in an earlier semester. If course codes appear are listed after the Concurrency requirement it indicates that these pre-requisites can be taken at the same time as the course.

A Co-requisite is an academic requirement that a course must be taken together with another course(s) in the same semester. This requires that a student must enroll in theses co-requisite courses in addition to the required course. Failure to do so will not allow you to enroll. A student who believes they have satisfied the pre requisite requirements must demonstrate this to the appropriate Divisional Dean that s/he has either had the prior or equivalent preparation or is currently satisfying the requirement. Descriptions of courses should be read in order to determine if there are required pre-requisites or co-requisites that must be satisfied.

Course Description and Louisiana Board of Regents Common Course Matrix equivalency
A short description of the course content will be made in the paragraphs below the course title. If the course has equivalency in the common course matrix of the Louisiana Board of Regents, the equivalent code will be stated along with the short course description.

   •  GEN.ED. XXX3 Natural/Physical Science
   •  GEN.ED. XXX3 Social/Behavioral Science
   •  GEN.ED. XXX4 Humanities
   •  GEN.ED. XXX4 Social/Behvioral Science
   •  GEOG 1010 World Geography
   •  GEOG 2010 Geography of U.S. and Canada
   •  GEOG 2020 Geography of Food and Cuisines
   •  GEOG 2030 Human Geography
   •  GEOG 2050 Physical Geography
   •  GEOL 1010 Geology and Man
   •  GEOL 1011 Physical Geology Laboratory
   •  GEOL 1020 Historical Geology
   •  GEOL 1030 Introduction to Earth Science
   •  HACR 1002 Introduction to Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
   •  HACR 1106 Principles of Refrigeration
   •  HACR 1206 Electrical Fundamentals
   •  HACR 1303 Electric Motors
   •  HACR 1313 Applied Electricity and Troubleshooting
   •  HACR 1413 Domestic Refrigeration
   •  HACR 1503 Room Air Conditioning
   •  HACR 1604 Residential Central Air Conditioning I
   •  HACR 2104 Residential Central Air Conditioning II
   •  HACR 2202 Residential System Design
   •  HACR 2306 Residential Heating
   •  HCOR 1200 Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology (with Medical Terminology)
   •  HCOR 1310 Medical Business Practices
   •  HCOR 1802 Health Care Professionalism
   •  HIST 1020 Western Civilization I
   •  HIST 1021 Western Civilization II
   •  HIST 1040 World Civilizations I
   •  HIST 1041 World Civilizations II
   •  HIST 2010 United States History I
   •  HIST 2020 United States History II
   •  HIST 2070 African-American History
   •  HIST 2100 Louisiana History
   •  HNUR 1270 Practical Nursing Perspectives
   •  HNUR 1314 Nurse Aide Fundamentals
   •  HNUR 1322 Practical Nursing Fundamentals
   •  HNUR 1362 Basic Pharmacology
   •  HNUR 1460 Advanced Pharmacology
   •  HNUR 2053 Pediatrics, Obstetrical and Mental Health
   •  HNUR 2413 Care of Medical Surgical Disorder I
   •  HNUR 2423 Care of Medical Surgical Disorders II
   •  HNUR 2434 Care of Medical Surgical Disorders III
   •  HNUR 2914 PN Leadership & Professionalism
   •  IAMT 1013 Safety and Quality Standards
   •  IAMT 1106 Engine Parts Identification and Operating Principles
   •  IAMT 1205 Engine Fuel Systems
   •  IAMT 1305 Basic Industrial Engine Electrical Systems
   •  IAMT 1405 General Engine Diagnostics
   •  IAMT 2004 Basic Hydraulics
   •  IAMT 2103 Power Trains I
   •  IAMT 2104 Machinery Repair
   •  IAMT 2202 Power Trains II
   •  IAMT 2305 Heavy Equipment Preventive Maintenance
   •  INTC 1030 Introduction to Graphics
   •  INTC 2070 Introduction to Hydraulics/Pneumatics
   •  INTC 2200 Electronics I
   •  INTC 2300 Introduction to Mechanical Technology
   •  INTC 2400 Metal Technology
   •  INTC 2500 Construction Materials, Equipment & Processes I
   •  INTC 2503 Quality Assurance and Control
   •  INTC 2603 Manufacturing Processes and Production - Maintenance Awareness
   •  INTC 2680 General Safety & Accident Prevention
   •  INTC 2700 Introduction to Computer-Aided Design and Drafting
   •  INTC 2750 CADD II
   •  INTC 2803 Oil and Gas Technology
   •  INTE 1100 Installation & Troubleshooting I
   •  INTE 1110 Installation & Troubleshooting II
   •  INTE 1200 Operating Systems
   •  INTE 1210 Introduction to Programming
   •  INTE 1800 Introduction To UNIX/LINUX
   •  INTE 1900 Web Page Design
   •  INTE 2010 Introduction to Client/Server Networking
   •  INTE 2020 Server Network Infrastructure
   •  INTE 2033 Configuring Advanced Server Systems
   •  INTE 2060 Implementing and Managing Email/Communication Server
   •  INTE 2080 Application Infrastructure
   •  INTE 2110 Networking Technologies
   •  INTE 2111 Introduction to Routing and Switching
   •  INTE 2112 Scaling Networks
   •  INTE 2113 Interconnecting Networks
   •  INTE 2114 Implementing Network Security
   •  INTE 2545 Network Security: Ethical Hacking
   •  INTE 2833 Wireless and Cabling Infrastructure
   •  INTE 2840 Managing Network Security
   •  INTE 2843 Cyber Threats and Protection
   •  INTE 2850 Emerging Technologies
   •  INTE 2890 Introduction to Health Informatics
   •  INTE 2902 Internship
   •  MAST 1100 Medical Assistant Fundamentals
   •  MAST 2110 Insurance, Billing, Medical Coding
   •  MAST 2133 Medical Assistant Clinical Procedures I
   •  MAST 2134 Medical Assistant Clinical Procedures II
   •  MAST 2141 Medication Administration for Medical Assistants
   •  MAST 2234 Medical Assistant Internship
   •  MATH 83 Algebraic Foundations
   •  MATH 93 Algebra Workshop
   •  MATH 1105 College Algebra
   •  MATH 1107 Numbers and Number Relations

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