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2018-2019 College Catalog 
2018-2019 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business, AS

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Program Description

The mission of the Business program is to provide students with a broad background in various business administration disciplines and prepare students to enter the field of business management or transfer into a four-year institution business degree program.

Program Goals

  • Enable students to acquire competencies in computer application software expected of an Associate of Science degree graduate
  • Enable students to acquire general education competencies expected of an Associate of Science degree graduate
  • Provide foundation courses in accounting, economics, and information systems that will transfer to most baccalaureate degree programs in business and other majors offered by 4-year institutions

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Graduates will be able to maintain a set of business accounting records by completing the accounting cycle for a corporation.
  • Graduates will be able to develop essential components of a business plan.
  • Graduates will be able to create a variety of documents using current application software.
  • Graduates will be able to explain the workings of monetary policy and its impact on the economy.
  • Graduates will recognize and appreciate the role that economic principles play in their personal and professional lives.

Specific Degree Requirements

Students wishing to earn an Associate of Science Degree in Business from South Louisiana Community College must:

  • Have a degree program adjusted SLCC cumulative average of 2.0.   ​
  • Have earned at least 25 percent of the credit hours required for the degree through SLCC courses.
  • Have earned at least a “C” in each course unless stated by a specific program.
  • Have no more than one-third credit hours in required major courses and no more than 50 percent of credit hours total from non-traditional sources, Credit for Prior Learning (CPL), to meet the degree requirements, unless required by a specific program.
  • Have completed at least the number of credits stipulated in the degree program.

Major Requirements - Total Credit Hours: 21

  • ACCT Courses 9 Credits
  • ECON Courses 6 Credits

General Education Associate - Total Credit Hours: 27

  • ENGL Courses 6 Credits
  • MATH Courses  6 Credits
  • Natural/Physical Science Courses 6 Credits
  • GEN.ED. XXX1  Humanities 3 Credits
  • GEN.ED. XXX1  Social/Behavioral Science 3 Credits
  • GEN.ED. XXX1  Fine Arts 3 Credits

Elective Requirements - Total Credit Hours: 12

  • Electives Course 12 Credits

AS: Business Total Credits: 60

 A grade of “C” or higher is required in all courses.

3ACCT 2103 may be taken as a substitute for ACCT 2101 & 2102. Credit will not be given for both ACCT 2101 and /or ACCT 2102 & ACCT 2103. Students taking ACCT 2103 must take an additional 3 credit elective (see Note 6) to substitute for ACCT 2101/2102.

6Choose from Business (GBUS 1060, GBUS 2010, GBUS 2020, GBUS 2030, GBUS 2060, GBUS 2065, GBUS 2075, GBUS 2080) or Computers (MCIS 1010, MCIS1030), Humanities GEN.ED. XXX1 ,  Social/Behavioral Sciences GEN.ED. XXX1 , Fine Arts GEN.ED. XXX1 , Natural/Physical Sciences GEN.ED. XXX1 , Math (note 7), French (FREN), Spanish (SPAN), or First-Year Seminar (SFSE). Electives should be selected with the assistance of an advisor.

7Choose a Math (MATH) course at a higher level than MATH 1105 (MATH 2010 or 2020 are highly recommended).

Transfer information: 2 + 2 Articulation Agreement with the University of Louisiana Lafayette (ULL) - Students who intend to transfer to ULL should use the SLCC curriculum plan designed for the 2 + 2 articulation agreement, which can be found at Transfer Agreements (2+2)/Cross Enrollment  

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