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Advising Handbook 
Advising Handbook

Chapter 4 - Your Pre-Semester Checklist

Registration for classes is an important task.  Maintaining your path to graduation, as well as your eligibility for certain financial aid, scholarships, and veterans’ benefits, is based on registering for the right classes and the right number of credits.  

You’ll find SLCC’s registration dates on our academic calendars.  Look for the priority registration dates. 

  •   Priority registration is available exclusively to current SLCC students.
  •   In early October, current SLCC students are eligible to register for spring classes.
  •   In early March, current SLCC students are eligible to register for summer and fall classes.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for a successful registration:

Before priority registration begins, review Chapter 2 - Plan Your Semester  

Consider the following:

  • Prerequisites
  • Time commitments (e.g., work, family, meals, health/wellness, student activities)
  • Instructional methods (e.g., in person, online, hybrid, and video conference)
  • Course Meeting Time
  • Part of Term - Parts of Term Guide   
  • Campus Location
  • Course Type - Course Type Guide  


Holds on your account may prohibit you from registration.  Determine if you have any holds by logging in to your LoLA account.  On your “Student” tab, select the “Holds” link in the “Academic Profile” section. Contact the appropriate office if you have any holds.


  • Contact Your Advisor - Review Email Your Advisor  
    • Feeling overwhelmed? Need some guidance?  Your advisor is available to help.
    • Schedule an appointment to meet with your advisor.
    • Bring your degree plan, planning notes, and specific questions to your appointment.
    • Ask questions if something is unclear.
    • Be flexible to consider all options and recommendations.
    • Plan early.  Registration periods are busy and hectic times both for you and your advisor.


Once the priority registration period begins, register early.  Waiting too late will reduce your scheduling options and increase the chances of closed classes. Log in to your LoLA account to register for classes.  On your “Student” tab, select the “Registration” link in the “Academic Links” section.

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