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Advising Handbook 
Advising Handbook

Chapter 6 - Resources and Forms

Understanding your GPA Change of Major/Campus/Catalog
Board of Regents Matrix Withdrawal Form
Cross-Enrollment Prerequisite Waiver

Understanding Your GPA  

An overview of how institutional, transfer, and overall (cumulative) grade point averages are calculated.

Board of Regents Matrix 

The Master Course Articulation Matrix reflects course equivalencies among Louisiana’s public postsecondary institutions. You can use the matrix to see what course sother 2-year and 4-year public institutions consider equivalent to SLCC courses.

Cross Enrollment

Cross enrollment allows SLCC students to enroll in courses at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL) in the same semester.  Courses taken at both institutions count towards full-time enrollment at your home intuition (SLCC).


Ready to graduate?  Explore our graduation page for requirements, the application, and other helpful links. 


Request for Change of Program/Campus/Catalog

Want to change your program?  Taking all of your classes at a campus other than your home campus in LoLA?  Needing to change your catalog term in order to meet new degree requirements? Use the link above to complete the  form, and e-mail it from your college email to registrar@solacc.edu. 


Withdrawal Form 

This form is used to officially withdraw from a course or courses after the end of the Add/Drop period. Non-attendance does not constitute official withdrawal. Withdrawal from a course affects only the grade which appears on the student’s transcript. Students should consider any possible impact on status, eligibility, and services, and should contact applicable offices such as Student Accounts, Financial Aid (Veterans), Admission (International) and personal insurance carriers.  Eligibility for refund of tuition and fees is governed by the College’s Refund Policy. Students should consult with their academic advisors prior to making any schedule changes as progress towards graduation may be affected. Schedule changes may also impact financial aid.


Prerequisite Waiver

A prerequisite waiver permits a student to register for a course without having completed the applicable prerequisite. The waiver form can also be used in cases where the student has completed a prerequisite that not been recorded on the transcript at the time of registration.  Approval of prerequisite waivers requires divisional dean or department chairperson approval.