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Advising Handbook 
Advising Handbook

Chapter 1 - Establishing Your Major

Your major is your focused area of study. Through both required and elective classes, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your interests, identify areas for future study, and select a path for a career. 

Many students begin college knowing their majors. Others need time to explore. Still others will change their minds once they begin taking classes.

Below you will find two paths.

  • Follow PATH ONE if you know your major. You’ll head straight to the degree plan (list of courses) that supports your major.
  • Follow PATH TWO if you’re not sure about your major. We’ve provided you with links to explore SLCC majors and the careers that lead from them.

Know Your Major                                     


Undecided about Your Major

Locate Your Degree Plan Chapter 1A - Exploring Majors  
Understand the Degree Plan Chapter 1B - Exploring Careers   
Download your Transcript   
Run a Degree Audit  
Compare your Transcript and Degree Audit  


Locate Your Degree Plan.

  • Open the SLCC Catalog.  Use the Drop down menu at the top of the page to select the year you started at SLCC.

  • Select Degree Plan from the left side menu.

  • Select your program.

  • Save your degree plan.


Understanding the Degree Plan 

Anatomy of a Degree Plan  

Anatomy of a Degree Plan
















Download your Transcript from LoLA

  1. From the LoLA Home Screen: 
  2. Click Student  
  3. Click Unofficial Transcript from the Academic Links box under South Louisiana Community College 
  4. Click Submit 
  5. View or Print your Transcript

Run a Degree Audit via Degree Works

Degree Works is a web-based degree audit system that monitors student progress toward degree completion.

Login to Degree Works via LoLA.
  1. Login in to Lola 
  2. Select student under Self Service Banner Box, 
  3. Select Academic Links 
  4. Select Degree Works. 

Compare your transcript and the degree audit.  

  • Are all classes on both the degree audit and the transcript?
  • Are all of the grades correct?

If you see an error, contact your advisor.


Now that we understanding the requirements for the degree and have verified our transcript and degree audit.  Let’s determine what courses you still need to complete to graduate.   Click Next: Chapter 2 - Plan Your Semester